Addiction Treatment

Your Own Path to Addiction Treatment

Taking the first step toward recovery is oftentimes the most difficult decision one must make. We have an addiction treatment program that is open ended. With our addiction treatment program you can get off to a great start and for the first time have a solid foundation, and have an addiction treatment program that you accept and believe in. Our addiction treatment program offers our clients a chance to find their own path to drug and addiction recovery. You will reap the benefits of this unique and successful approach to addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Therapies That You Will Find at REACH Inc:

     Moral Reconation Therapy

     Therapy Inventory and Self Discovery

     Process and Didactic Group Therapy

     Individual Counseling

     Education Lectures and Workshops

     Supplemental Enhancements


     Holistic Addiction Treatment

     Faith Based Addiction Treatment

     Self-Help Addiction Treatment

     Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

     Exercise, Vitamin, and Nutrition

Reach Addiction Treatment Program in Costa Rica ... "Fly to Recovery"
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