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R.E.A.C.H., Inc. is a state-certified alcohol and other drug abuse and outpatient mental health clinic. REACH also provides case management. The REACH Clinic staff is available to assist people in need of help. If for any reason the program is not suitable for a given client, referrals will be made to other agencies to meet a particular need. Services include: Assessment, Diagnostic Evaluation, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Consultation/Evaluation, Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment, and Psychological Testing by Referral.

REACH Clinic Massage Therapy - Specialize in Chronic Pain

Common chronic pain complaints include:

  * Headache
  * Low Back Pain
  * Cancer Pain
  * Arthritis Pain
  * Neurogenic Pain
  * Psychogenic Pain

Our Treatment - We offer the following services:
  * Massage
  * Acupressure
  * Divorce and Family Mediation Training
  * Electrical Stimulation
  * Meditation, Relaxation
  * Behavior Modification
  * Weight Control
  * Topical Pain Products
  * Stretching
  * Slow Motion Exercise
  * Posture Practice
  * Psychotherapy

Clinical research investigators have tested chronic pain patients and found that they often have lower than normal level of endorphins in their spinal fluid.

Electroacupuncture, wiring the needles to stimulate nerve ending may activate endorphin system.

Chair Massage at Your Office

You simply sit on the chair (your clothes stay on) and relax while our therapist works on your neck, shoulder, upper and lower back and arms and hands for 15 to 30 minutes.  You will feel relaxed and recharged in just minutes.  Our chair massage often combines pressure points, energy work, Swedish and relaxation massage.

REACH Lifestyle Coaching

REACH lifestyle coaching will help you gain the self-management skills needed to improve your health and well-being.  The Lifestyle Coaching Program will help you:

  * Set goals for improved health
  * Develop a suitable exercise program
  * Customize an eating plan
  * Manage your symptoms
  * Improve understanding of your medical issues

Working with a massage therapist will help you gain confidence and skills to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition.

What’s a stem cell

What makes a stem cell such an attractive candidate for repairing damaged organs and tissues? A stem cell has two basic characteristics: 1) it continues to grow and proliferate, maintaining a pool of cells for possible use, and 2) given the correct signals (for example stimulation by a hormone or “growth factor” such as insulin, steroid hormones, or nerve growth factor, it can differentiate into a particular specialized cell type. It often goes through various steps to do this, first forming a progenitor cell, a precursor to the specific cell type, then changing into a differentiated cell (a specialized cell type that carries out a specific function in the body, such as a heart muscle cell, a neuron in the brain, or a red blood cell to carry oxygen to other cells in the body).

Some stem cells seem to have more abilities, or possibilities, than other stem cells, termed the potency of the stem cell. A stem cell that is unipotent can form only one differentiated cell type. A multipotent stem cell can form multiple different cells and tissue types. A pluripotent stem cell can form most or all of the 110 differentiated cell types in the adult body. A totipotent stem cell can form not only an adult body cell types, but also specialized tissues needed for development of the embryo, such as the placenta.

Why is everyone so interested in stem cells?

Most people hadn’t heard about stem cells until 1998, when James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin Madison first isolated human embryonic stem cells. Suddenly everyone was interested in stem cells, and they were a hot topic not only for scientists, but also for politicians, patient advocates, and many others. The reason is that stem cells may hold the key to treatment of many of the major diseases we currently face, diseases that kill and disable millions of people. In the past, infectious diseases were the main scourge of mankind—polio, plagues, smallpox, and so on. Better hygiene and the discovery and use of antibiotics and vaccines have greatly decreased the problems caused by such diseases. But control over most infectious diseases has now led to other diseases being the chief health problems in industrialized nations---degenerative diseases.

Degenerative diseases involve the slow, gradual breakdown of tissues and organs, or are the result of death of some of the cells in the organs, which weakens the organ and leads to further breakdown and eventually organ failure. There are the major killers in the U.S. and all industrialized nations. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung and liver disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease are all in the list. For example, when someone has a heart attack, the entire heart doesn’t die: instead, part of the heart muscle dies due to lack of oxygen (from a blocked or obstructed blood vessel). The heart muscle is weakened and can lead to further problems and death. The hope is that the stem cells could be used to repair and replace the damaged heart muscle, essentially “rejuvenating” the heart and restoring it to full function. The same idea for replacing damaged or dead tissues could be used for other diseases, including some neurological diseases not in the top 15 list, such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and spinal cord injuries.

Stem cells would not be used to grow whole organs in cultures for transplants.

Reach Mental Health Clinic is an independent distributor of the stem cell activator LifeWave X39. This a clinically proven product that activates your stem cells while improving mental clarity. LiveWave X39 also offers the benefits of rapid pain relief, reduced inflammation, faster recovery from exercise, enhanced sports performance, energy & vitality, and supports wound healing.

To order contact: or 414-350-1051


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R.E.A.C.H., Inc.
has a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Counselors at R.E.A.C.H. are sensitive to personal, social, and religious backgrounds and values. We foster spiritual growth in self-esteem, psychological well being in emotional difficulties and and dignity in a person's relationships, work and living in the community.


R             Research is a basic component of our program. It investigates psychological aspects that are involved in behavior and behavioral changes.

E              Education focuses on teaching relevant information to those who seek changes in their lives.

A             Attitudes posit a relationship between a person's wants and needs in decision making. These need to be assessed and evaluated.

C             Change means moving from illness and sick role behavior to health related behaviors.

H             Health, in its simplest expression means "soundness". Crucial to health is a sense of "readiness", "perceived benefit", "cues to action", and "modifying factors".           

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