REACH Mission

Mission in conjuction with Personal Growth Inc.

The mission is to educate and to provide positive lifestyle choices for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, to restore physical and mental health, and to provide a quiet natural environment that enhances spiritual growth.

REACH is a unique intensive residential substance dependence treatment program based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and spiritual enhancement therapy. We have developed a unique two-week program held in Costa Rica. We help clients:

  1. Seek change and maintain control of their lives.
  2. Learn coping skills to deal with difficult situations
  3. Learn what triggers addictive behavior.
  4. Maintain nutrition to support sobriety.
  5. Develop an optimistic and dynamic approach to life.

We know that treatment of addiction requires time for complete recovery. Therefore, we have developed programming that follows our clients' once they have completed the residential program for a minimum of three months. Clients will be referred to American College of Counselors, or American Psychotherapy Association members for stateside follow-up depending on the client's location.