Journaling and Learning

Journaling although not commanded in Scripture, is certainly modeled there. God has blessed the use of journals since biblical times. The Spiritual Discipline of journaling has a fascinating appeal to many people. It not only promotes spiritual growth but is a valuable aid to many other aspects of the spiritual life. Although there are no rules for keeping a journal: journaling can be fruitful at any level of involvement. Journaling requires persistence through the dry times. Its value can be experienced only through doing it.

Value of Journaling
Using a journal not only promotes spiritual growth by means of its own virtues, but it's a valuable aid to many other aspects of spiritual life. Consider what journaling has to offer in these areas:

  • Help in self-understanding and evaluation.
  • Help in mediation
  • Help in expressing thoughts and feelings to the Lord.
  • Help in remembering the Lord's works.
  • Help in creating and preserving a spiritual heritage.
  • Help in clarifying and articulating insights and impressions.
  • Help in monitoring goals and priorities.
  • Help in maintaining the other spiritual disciplines.